The Fort Atkinson Regional Science Fair (FASF) began in 1991 when a group of community members decide to host a regional science fair for the greater Fort Atkinson area. Students in the school districts of Cambridge, Fort Atkinson, Jefferson, Johnson Creek, Lake Mills, Milton, Palmyra-Eagle and Whitewater are eligible to participate in all of the activities sponsored by the FASF.

FASF sponsors a t-shirt design contest, a high school scholarship and a science fair. Students in grades K-12, including special education students are eligible for both the t-shirt design contest and the science fair.  High school seniors who have participated in the science fair at least once are eligible to apply for the scholarship.

Board of Directors

President Cynthia Ficenec 920-568-8850
Vice President Dr. Steven Anderson 262-472-5121
Secretary Vacant
Treasurer Paul Hable 920-222-0796
Publicity Chair Vacant
Judging Chair Vacant
Fund Raising Chair Dr. Steven Sahyun 262-472-5113
Member-at-Large Dr. Jessica Bonjour 262-472-1088
Member-at-Large Vacant