The Fort Atkinson Regional Science Fair (FASF) began in 1991 when a group of community members decide to host a regional science fair for the greater Fort Atkinson area. Students in the school districts of Cambridge, Fort Atkinson, Jefferson, Johnson Creek, Lake Mills, Milton, Palmyra-Eagle and Whitewater are eligible to participate in all of the activities sponsored by the FASF.

FASF sponsors a t-shirt design contest, a science essay contest, a high school scholarship and a science fair. Students in grades K-12, including special education students are eligible for both the t-shirt design contest and the science fair. The essay contest is limited to students in grades 9 – 12 and there is no special education division.

Board of Directors

President Amy Lutzke 920-222-6832
Vice President Dr. Steven Anderson 262-472-5121
Secretary Vacant
Treasurer Paul Hable 920-222-0796
Set-up Chair Dave Johnson 920-568-5539
Publicity Chair Cynthia Ficenec 920-568-8850
Judging Chair Dr. George Clokey 262-472-5140
Fund Raising Chair Dr. Steven Sahyun 262-472-5113
Entry Chairs Amy Lutzke/Jordan Nelson 920-222-6832
Awards Chair John Miller 920-563-2446
Science Advisor Kevin Hart 920-650-7666
Booklet Chair Ray Robinson 920-563-3029
Member-at-Large Jordan Nelson 920-563-2446
Member-at-Large Dr. John Hundt 920-563-7698