Award: A $1000 scholarship will be awarded at the end of the academic year. The number of awards each year will be dependent upon community financial support for the Fort Atkinson Regional Science Fair and also the availability of qualified applicants. The awards will be payable to the academic institution the recipient will be attending.

Purpose: To provide recognition and financial encouragement to a past participant in the Fort Atkinson Regional Science Fair who is planning to pursue a post high school course of study at an accredited academic institution in a recognized field of science.

Eligibility: Those eligible for this scholarship must have been an entrant in the Fort Atkinson Regional Science Fair at least once. Applicants must be graduating high school seniors.

Application: All applicants will complete the Fort Atkinson Regional Science Fair Scholarship Application with necessary attachments and submit it to the address shown on the form. Envelopes must be received by April 15. Applications should be mailed to:

Fort Atkinson Regional Science Fair
PO Box 371
Fort Atkinson, WI 53538

Selection Process: A committee composed of three members–two Fort Atkinson Science Fair, Inc., Board of Directors members and an additional member chosen from the current fair panel of judges–will make the scholarship selection.

Selection Criteria: The judges review and evaluate each applicant based on the following criteria:

  • Academic achievement reflecting the challenge of the chosen program of study
  • Extra-curricular and community activities
  • Science-related activities, including personal projects, additional course work and/or independent study, participation in clubs or organizations, and other demonstrations of a commitment to their chosen field of study.
  • Development of a career plan and chosen field of study

2020 – Gwynne Sahyun
2019 – Kailyn Schueller
2018 – Emma Hanisko and Holland Foelker
2017 – Walter Moran
2016 – Leif Sahyun
2014 – Thomas Shockman
2012 – Bill Mulligan
2011 – Shalane Hundt and Jeremy Primmer
2010 – Pat Mulligan
2009 – Connor Mulcahy
2008 – Nathaniel Wilson
2007 – Joelle Baird
2006 – Sarah Schmid
2005 – Jason Smoniewski
2004 – Heidi Miller