2021 Virtual Science Fair

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Projects are scored according to the Judging Criteria for each division and receive a ribbon designating their level of accomplishment:

The Award of Excellence ribbon designates projects that meet or exceed expectations for most criteria. These projects are also eligible to receive place awards. The larger rosette ribbons designate first through sixth place.

The Honorable Mention ribbon designates projects that meet most expectations and exceed some expectations.

To view projects and videos, click on the links below.

Division: Kindergarten-1st Individual

Entry Title Video Name School Award
K101 The LEGO Pulley Video Charlie Fortney Barrie Elementary 1st

Division: Kindergarten-1st Teams

Entry Title Video Name School Award
K101T Which Blocks Makes a Higher Tower Video Adelyn Shull, Adler Schneider Purdy Elementary 2nd
K102T Cookie Boats Jack Barr, Mason Knickrehm Barrie Elementary 1st

Division: 2nd-3rd 

Entry Title Video Name School Award
2301 Yes Egg No Egg Erin Jean Vosburgh Luther Elementary 4th
2301 Rainbow Carnations Riley Hertzfeldt Purdy Elementary 2nd
2303 Winter Lima Beans Video 

Log book

Sarah E Webster Rockwell Elementary 1st
2304 Bread Mold Brock Broadhead Purdy Elementary 3rd

Division: 4th-5th Individual

Entry Title Book Video Name School Award
4501 Slime Learning Log book Amira Hackbarth iForward Hon.
4502 Conducting Electricity Log book Olive Zeisler Purdy Elementary 2nd
4503 Crystal Growing Log book Jackson Hertzfeldt Purdy Elementary 3rd
4504 The Power of Positive Thinking Log book Emily Mallin Rockwell Elementary 1st
4505 Is that blue, red, or even gray that I see? Log book Madison Sue Nichols Rockwell Elementary Hon.

Division: 4th-5th Teams

Entry Title Book Video Name School Award
4501T The Great Gum Experiment Log book Elijah Barr, Amelia Ellis Barrie and Rockwell Hon.
4502T Boiling Water Log book Ian Copp, Jackson Hertzfeld, Kiptyn Smillie Purdy Elementary 1st

Division: 6th-8th

Entry Title Book Video Name School Award
6801 Sand Erosion Log Book Alexandra Jonas St. Joseph’s Hon.
6802 Powering Without Wires Log Book Video Rowan Hackbarth iForward Exc.
6803 Flight Daniel Willam Lewis St. Joseph’s Hon.
6804 Water erosion Landon Robert Allard St. Joseph’s Hon.
6805 Water erosion Log Book Brayden James Kelly St. Joseph’s Hon.
6806 Soil Erosion Log Book Alison M. Clark St. Joseph’s Exc.
6807 pH level Colton James Vosburg St. Joseph’s Exc.
6808 Plant Science Log Book – bad file type Layla Kohl St. Joseph’s Exc.
6809 Erosion Log Book Lexie Wessels St. Joseph’s Exc.
6810 Growing Up Log Book Sophia Ulrich St. Joseph’s Exc.
6811 Making An Egg Float Log Book Whitney May St. Joseph’s Exc.
6812 Soil Compaction Log Book Jameson Stafford St. Joseph’s 2nd
6813 Disc Breaks Log Book Kayle R White St. Joseph’s Hon.
6814 River Flow Log Book Kylie Block St. Joseph’s Hon.
6815 PH level of soil Log Book Soraya E Strohbusch St. Joseph’s Hon.
6816 Buoyancy Log Book Sam Murphy St. Joseph’s 3rd
6817 Biomes Log Book Sonja Morales St. Joseph’s 6th

Rose Lake Award

6818 Dopamine Ethan Stocks St. Joseph’s Hon.
6819 Wind Into Energy Log Book Jonathan Lewis St. Joseph’s Hon.
6820 Escherichia Coli inside of Calves Log Book Logan Bourke St. Joseph’s Hon.
6821 Bacteria Invaders Log Book Caylah Mckeown Boldt St. Joseph’s 1st
6822 Music memory game faster? Log Book Kiera St. Joseph’s Exc.
6823 Soil Log Book Amelia Debilzen St. Joseph’s Exc.
6824 Mold Growth Log Book Liam J. Grover St. Joseph’s Hon.
6825 Plant Growth Keenan Hendrickson St. Joseph’s Exc.
6826 Covid Trends After Holidays Annie Kuefler St. Joseph’s Exc.
6827 Moss Log Book Kurt Lewis St. Joseph’s Hon.
6828 DNA Log Book Savanna Hendrickson St. Joseph’s 4th
6829 MOLD Log Book Alex Ehleiter St. Joseph’s Hon.
6830 Polymer Log Book Mary Worden St. Joseph’s Hon.
6831 How Sweet is it? Log Book Hailey L. Droster St. Joseph’s Exc.
6832 1, 2, 3 Rockets Log Book Lauren Mackenna Wessels St. Joseph’s Exc.
6833 Taking Iodine out of salt Vincenzo W Cali St. Joseph’s Hon.
6834 Solubility Log Book Olivia Rue St. Joseph’s Hon.
6835 Most Accurate Shot Log Book Jack Kammer St. Joseph’s Hon.
6836 Crime Scene Chemistry Log Book Conor P. Wirth St. Joseph’s Hon.
6837 Fabric Softener Flammability Log Book Ella Grace Last St. Joseph’s 5th
6838 Water Filtration Log Book Lily Bump St. Joseph’s Exc.
6839 In the Loop Log Book Logan Friend St. Joseph’s Hon.
6840 What makes Ice melt faster Log Book Lawrence Gonzalez Solano St. Joseph’s Hon.
6841 Flavor Of Gum Log Book Angelica Rose Hardwick St. Joseph’s Hon.
6842 The absorption of heat in colors Log Book Kelsey M. Gille St. Joseph’s Exc.

Division: 9th-12th

Entry Title Book Report Video Name School Award
91201 The Best Crane Design Log Book Report Video Keegan Hackbarth iForward Hon.