Fair Awards

Awards Categories

All students exhibiting projects in the Fort Atkinson Science Fair will receive a participation certificate and a ribbon designating their level of accomplishment (Award of Excellence, Honorable Mention, or Participant). These awards will be attached to the exhibits after the judging has taken place. Thus, the names of the students will be on the exhibits for the public viewing.

One science fair medal will be awarded for each project judged to be 1st, 2nd, and 3rd place winners in each division regardless of individual or group participation. Winners in the above categories will also receive cash awards in the following amounts: 1st place $50, 2nd place $30 and 3rd place $10. Team members will need to split the cash award among the members. All fair participants will receive a Science Fair t-shirt.

In addition, monetary awards will be presented to the these winners of the Grades 9-12 division. First place will receive $200, second place $100, and third place $75. The intent of the monetary award has been as an incentive and reward for high school entries. 

School Awards

In addition to the participant awards the Science Fair offers awards to teachers/classrooms and schools. The science teacher of the first place winner in each division receives a $100 award for their classroom. This money can be spent on any science-related materials or activities. The school that sends the most Award of Excellence-qualified projects receives a $100 participation award.

Rose Lake Friends Special Award

There is also a special award provided by the Rose Lake Friends each year.

Rose Lake Friends is a group of interested individuals involved in preserving, protecting, and promoting the natural history of Jefferson County’s Dorothy Carnes Park and its principal natural feature, Rose Lake, located just west of the city of Fort Atkinson.

Rose Lake Friends goal is to support continuing development of public awareness and appreciation for the natural world around us, in particular the natural gem being preserved that is Dorothy Carnes Park. We feel a significant movement toward
that goal is to partner and contribute to the success of the Fort Atkinson Science Fair.

To that goal, we are contributing a special award of precision Eagle Optics binoculars to a Fort Atkinson Science Fair participant whose presentation involves in some way, shape, or form, some aspect of scientific investigation of the environment and ecosystem that specifically involves activity at Dorothy Carnes County Park and/or Rose Lake. Participants will need to notify the Fort Atkinson Science Fair judging committee of their eligibility for the special award and of their interest in having a Rose Lake Friends representative evaluate their exhibit. A Rose Lake Friends representative will decide the recipient of the award which will be presented at the awards ceremony. The award also includes a free one-year family
membership in Rose Lake Friends.