Team Projects

Directions for entering a team project:

1. There is a maximum number of four team members allowed for all divisions except 9-12. Division 9-12 is limited to three members per team. Special Education 9-12 division teams may have four members.

2. Choose ONE person to be the primary contact person. This person can be a team member or the adult supervisor. The contact person will receive all necessary information and materials from the Entry Chairperson. In the event that the team is awarded a prize, only the contact person will be notified. It is their obligation to notify the other members of the team about the awards ceremony and prizes. The Science Fair Board will not take responsibility for contacting the other team participants.

3. Choose a name for your team. Team name is subject to approval by the Entry Chairperson. Fill in the team name on the top line of the science fair entry form.

4. Fill out the rest of the regular fair entry form. You may leave spaces for home address, city, zip code and home phone blank. Also complete the separate team information form. You must submit both forms together.

5. The adult supervisor of the project should sign where the parent or guardian signature is required. This person may be a teacher instead of a parent or guardian. The adult who signs has the responsibility of filling out the project verification form as well as making sure that all team members have parental permission to participate. After the signature, please indicate the relationship to the team, i.e. “4th grade teacher” or “Jim’s father.”

6. All team participants must understand and agree to follow all rules and regulations of the science fair and must indicate this by signing on the participant’s signature line of the entry form.

Team Information Form (to be submitted with the project entry form).